The Workplace Whisperer

Shot of a young woman suffering from a headache while using a laptop at home.
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“Local candidates only.”

“We don’t allow remote work.”

“You need to be in the office to foster collaboration on your team.”

Three months ago, companies were at liberty to enforce the conditions listed above. However, since the first stay-at-home orders were issued, some of these same companies have suddenly figured…

The Workplace Whisperer

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The Workplace Whisperer answers anonymous work-related questions submitted by readers. If you have a question for the Workplace Whisperer, email, and no worries, we will keep your name and any identifying details anonymous.

Dear Workplace Whisperer,

I work for a consulting agency. One of the big ones. For MLK…

The Workplace Whisperer

Illustration: Nyanza D

InIn recent years, a significant amount of study has been dedicated to addressing the gender wage gap. Organizations such as the National Partnership for Women and Families frequently report on the gender wage gap by utilizing U.S. Census data to track wages and workforce participation rates. According to its most…

The Workplace Whisperer

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Hi, ZORA readers. In future columns, I will be answering your questions about confronting the different “-isms” at work. But for today’s column, I’m going to first talk about why we are here.

Intimidating. Abrasive. Unapproachable. Negative. Aggressive. Combative. Bitch.

These are but a handful of words that have been…

Julia Locklear

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